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Assistant Manager - Customs & Freight Forwarding

Dubai, UAE Posted 2018/11/21 09:48:53 Expires 2019-02-08 Ref: JB3857147

Department Definition

The role of the Event Operations department is to manage activities across the event delivery of Expo 2020. Event Operations includes the following service areas: (1) Accreditation, (2) Cleaning & Waste Management, (3) Guest Services, (4) Logistics, (5) Site Management, (6) Transport Traffic & Parking and (7) Venue Operations.

Opportunity Responsibilities

The purpose of the Assistant Manager – Customs & Freight Forwarding will manage the process in which materials/equipment sourced from outside the United Arab Emirates (UAE) need to be imported (and some re-exported) via a documented Customs process. This includes a freight forwarding service from source locations overseas, and clearance through customs upon arrival in the UAE. The reverse process of re-export through customs is required for some items. Considerations are also set in place to expedite the process when required. Working relationship with UAE and Dubai Customs as well as the Logistics Partner is required for this service.

The main responsibilities of this role include:

- To assist the Customs & Freight Forwarding workstream within the Event Operations Logistics Function, to ensure that material and equipment for Expo 2020 and all key stakeholders are imported and re-exported (where necessary) according to relevant standards and procedures necessary for event operations;

- Assist and liaise with the other Logistics workstreams (i.e. Material Management, Warehousing, Distribution, Venue Logistics, Support Services) with their Customs & Freight Forwarding requirements to support an efficient and economical end-to-end Logistics operation;

- Assist, liaise, support and work collaboratively with the Expo 2020 Official Logistics Partner in relation to the Customs & Freight Forwarding elements of the Logistics Services Agreement;

- Support and assist Expo 2020 and stakeholder compliance with Federal and Emirates customs authorities as well as Dubai Trade procedures;

- Working collaboratively with the Official Logistics Partner to manage interfaces with Dubai Trade systems related to Expo 2020 activities;

- Via training and communication, support in the development of tools, briefings, training and engagement opportunities to communicate C&FF to the other Logistics work streams, as well as to external stakeholders, including consultants, advisors and participants, ensuring all operate in compliance with Corporate and International procedures and standards;

- Provide advice, consultation and updates to different departments, participants as well as suppliers and other external stakeholders in their efforts to integrate the Expo 2020 Customs & Freight Forwarding policies;

- Support the monitoring, tracking and reporting of freight shipments for Expo 2020 Logistics, and any non-‘Business as Usual’ Expo 2020 related shipments/freight movements conducted by the Official Logistics Partner. Liaising with the Procurement Function and Logistics Materials Management workstream would be required to get best visibility, as well as collaborating with the Official Logistics Partner and understanding their existing systems for tracking shipments.


4+ years experience in Dubai specific Logistics and Customs operations as well as:

- A Bachelor's Degree;

- Strong interpersonal and relationship skills;

- Ability to interact with a wide variety of stakeholders;

- Excellent communication and writing skills;

- Strong project management skills;

- Experience with Federal and Emirates customs authorities as well as Dubai Trade systems and procedures;

- Experience with large scale import and export procedures;

- Cross functional management experience;

- Change management project implementation;

- Operational event experience in relation to customs and freight forwarding.

Opportunity Details

Job Location Dubai, UAE
Employment Status Full time
Opportunity Information Job Openings
Number of Vacancies 1

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