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Dubai, UAE Posted 2017/10/15 10:45:35 Expires 2018-01-10 Ref: JB3735751

Department Definition

The Portfolio Governance department oversees policies and procedures across departments to check that they are accurate and in line with local and global best practices and codes of conduct. The department ensures that staff members are trained on compliance matters, such as bribery and corruption law, whistle blowing, and identifying and reporting on potential conflicts of interest. The department also develops a risk-management and risk-mitigation procedure to monitor financial risk.

Opportunity Responsibilities

The Coordinator is responsible for supporting the Portfolio Governance team in day-to-day task execution, both administrative and operational in nature.

Main responsibilities for this role include:

- Act as the foundation for the Department’s administration support and coordination;

- Schedule and organize meetings, events and maintain agenda;

- Duly execute tasks and follow-up on actions within the team;

- Establish and maintain varied filing and data collection systems;

- Act as the document controller and lead the implementation of the Knowledge Management System.


3+ years’ experience in similar positions as well as:

- A Bachelor's degree;

- Excellent MS Office Skills

- Basic project management skills of budget, timeline and resources;

- Excellent organisational, time-management, computer and administrative skills.

Opportunity Details

Job Location Dubai, UAE
Employment Status Full time
Opportunity Information Job Openings
Number of Vacancies 1

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