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Knowledge Management Manager

Dubai, UAE Posted 2018/11/12 04:44:03 Expires 2019-03-10 Ref: JB3852856

Department Definition

The Legacy Development & Impact Department is responsible for development the Expo 2020 legacy strategy and to see its execution and coordination. The department is responsible for ensuring that the Expo leaves behind a meaningful and positive legacy across four dimensions: economic, social, physical and reputational.

Opportunity Responsibilities

The purpose of the Knowledge Management Manager role is primarily to manage the Content and Knowledge Management System, including its development and implementation, coordinate the internal business process and drive the knowledge transfer strategy and implementation.

Main responsibilities for this role include:

- Oversee and drive the implementation of the internal knowledge management strategy that will effectively secure the intellectual legacy of the Expo;  

- Develop guidelines and policies on IP protection, data control and quality for the Knowledge Management System and processes; 

- Map and communicate clear business processes to roll out the system, ensure effective utilization and reinforce knowledge collation and transfer from within the organization; e.g. Including orientation and training, presentations;

- Manage the operational elements of the system, i.e. Working with the system developers on improvement, upgrades, and ongoing support and maintenance requirements, etc;

- Manage content curation and quality control, including identifying relevant content, content owners, day-to-day data collation and entry into the system, editing and review where required, analyzing usage, gathering feedback from internal users, and making necessary updates to ensure success.

- Build cohesive relationships with and coordinate effectively with internal stakeholders and users; 

- Develop knowledge transfer and dissemination strategy during and Post-Expo, and identify and develop key outputs in addition to coordination between internal and external stakeholders of the intellectual legacy, e.g. National archives, Legacy Portal, Publications etc.


5+ years of relevant experience as well as: 

- A Bachelor’s Degree holder in a related field;

- Fluency in English;

- Strong analytical skills;

- Demonstrated communication skills, written and verbal; 

- Ability to work independently and as an effective team member in a fast-paced, collaborative environment;

- Attention to detail and accuracy; 

- Excellent interpersonal skills;

- Previous knowledge management or archiving experience preferable;

Opportunity Details

Job Location Dubai, UAE
Employment Status Full time
Opportunity Information Job Openings
Number of Vacancies 1

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