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Manager - Central Planning

Dubai, UAE Posted 2019/02/25 12:22:16 Expires 2019-04-11 Ref: JB3892471

Department Definition

The role of the Event Operations Front of the House (OPF) department is to manage activities across the event delivery of Expo 2020. OPF includes the following service areas: (1) Accreditation, (2) Guest Services, (3) Transport Traffic & Parking and (4) Venue Management.

Opportunity Responsibilities

The purpose of Manager – Central Planning is to work within the Venue Management central planning team managing the coordination of planning documentation for event time operations as well as the planning and coordination in the delivery of the MOC (Main Operations Centre) and site wide operations.

The main responsibilities of this role will include:

- Work with senior management in leading the design, development and operational planning and delivery of the Main Operations Centre (MOC);

- Coordinate the delivery and integration of functional area command centres within the Expo Operations Centre (EOC) to ensure integration into C3 plans;

- Manage and update the Venue Management planning and delivery programme;

- Coordinate all emergency management planning and delivery of the required documentation;

- Coordinate the planning and delivery of the site wide medical services;

- Lead the delivery of functional and site wide operational plans and associated documentation;

- Lead in the development of event time operational guides and publications;

- Assist in the management and the strategic development of the event time daily meetings and reporting methods;

- Lead the development of event time reporting documentation

- Identify strategies and opportunities to improve venue and event operations;

- Support in the delivery of the operational Risk Register;

- Support the delivery of the Expo 2020 Readiness and Testing programme;

- Support the design and development of event time operating systems;

- Coordinate the development and review of all Policies & Procedures;

- Ensure external stakeholders are aligned and integrated into C3 plans.

Operational Responsibilities

- This role will transition into a key event time delivery role within the Main Operations Centre (MOC), coordinating the integration of external stakeholders, creating operational efficiencies, supporting in daily operations and preparing detailed daily operational reports for management.


6+ years’ experience in a manager role working on a previous major event or leisure attraction with specific experience related to planning and operations;

- A Bachelor's Degree;

- Programme / project manager experience supporting large complex projects;

- Knowledge across all key event operational functions;

- Experience in planning transition to operations;

- Experience in working with senior multi agency Government partners and stakeholders.

Opportunity Details

Job Location Dubai, UAE
Employment Status Full time
Opportunity Information Job Openings
Number of Vacancies 1

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