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Manager - Zone Staffing

Dubai, UAE Posted 2018/12/10 05:26:58 Expires 2019-02-13 Ref: JB3862098

Department Definition

The role of the Event Operations department is to manage activities across the event delivery of Expo 2020. Event Operations includes the following service areas: (1) Accreditation, (2) Cleaning & Waste Management, (3) Guest Services, (4) Logistics, (5) Site Management, (6) Transport Traffic & Parking and (7) Venue Operations.

Opportunity Responsibilities

The purpose of the Zone Staffing Manager is to develop the zonal staffing operations within Guest Services (GSE) and develop the staff journey from each drop area to each GSE check in point, briefing, equipment distribution and deployment, and 'just in time' training if needed. 

The main responsibilities of this role will include:

- Develop deployment strategy and plan per zone and staff category (Full time employee - FTE, outsourced and contractor).

- Develop rotation strategy for volunteers positions aligned with training modules;

- Identify potential risks, issues and challenges on the staffing operations and develop mitigation plans;

- Liaison with internal GSE operations team – public realm, attractions, pavilions and school groups;

- Ensure a consistent plan across the zones that GSE operates;

- Develop shift pattern for each position in the GSE team per zone;

- Develop the staffing operations planning regarding check in, equipment distribution and briefings (staff’s journey) per each zone;

- Deliver the scheduling and rostering operation for a zone before and across the 6 months of operation.


6+ years' experience in a manager role working on a previous major event programme, with specific experience related to developing Guest Services team to put the Guest Experience at the heart of decision making and service design.

- A Bachelor's Degree;

- Programme / project manager experience leading complex projects;

- Experience in working in a multi-cultural organization, GCC region desirable;

- Experience in working on training plan for big multicultural teams and events (short time to train people with no second chance);

- Experience on planning schedules, shifts and roster for a large team with multiple individual situation related;

- Experience in leading volunteers;

- Experience in managing contractors.


Opportunity Details

Job Location Dubai, UAE
Employment Status Full time
Opportunity Information Job Openings
Number of Vacancies 1

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