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Protocol Manager International Visits

Dubai, UAE Posted 2019/01/15 14:11:04 Expires 2019-02-14 Ref: JB3871521

Department Definition

The Protocol Department is responsible for the planning, building, and delivery of the Protocol Operations and monitors the development and implementation of strategic initiatives.

Opportunity Responsibilities

The role of the Protocol Manager Protocol is to manage protocol matters through maintaining political sensitivities, formulating and planning programs and other logistic arrangements; to facilitate the visit of officials, international dignitaries, members of Intergovernmental Organizations, etc.; assisting with coordinating and supervising all the protocol arrangements on the occasion of important international ceremonies and functions prior to and during the Expo 2020 Dubai, also to update the Director of Protocol regularly.

This role ensures the highest quality of service, excellence and hospitality, leading to the delivery of a truly great Expo.

Main responsibilities of this role include:

- Contribute and support the Protocol Senior Manager with the establishment of short, medium and long-term goals and objectives for the function, aligned to organizational vision, mission, values and goals;

- Provide contribution to drafting and establishing a comprehensive set of Protocol guidelines, to ensure that the appropriate service offering is delivered and reviewed from time to time. Ensure that the guidelines remain relevant and consistent for both internal and external use;

- Assist the Senior Manager in the establishment of any Principles of Operations pre-Expo 2020 and during Expo 2020 event mode, aligned to Expo 2020 mission and legacy aspiration;

- Contribute to the development of operating plans, Policy and Procedures within Protocol requirements and objectives, and working within these plans to meet objectives, timelines and deadlines;

- With the Protocol Senior Manager, coordinate and supervise all the protocol arrangements in case of official ceremonies, visits of international dignitaries, intergovernmental organizations representatives, and high profile personalities, prior to and during the Expo 2020 Dubai;

- Provide support, coordination, to relevant governmental organizations in respect of visits by VVIP, VIP and other defined guest categories;

- Assist in the development, implementation and coordination of the Protocol guidelines in particular with respect of national day celebrations and other ceremonial matters;

- Ensure the appropriate procedures for communicating through the diplomatic channels as required;

- Build contacts with appropriate government officials, international dignitaries, institutions and international organizations to facilitate consultation and cooperation on all Expo 2020 objectives.


- Degree qualified in International Relations, Political Sciences or other relevant discipline;

- Minimum 3-7 years of experience in high level protocol organizational roles, with strong leadership and interpersonal skills;

- Strong diplomatic, management & operational capabilities;

- Demonstrated Teamwork skills;

- Exceptional attention to detail and time management skills;

- Strong Project management skill;

- Professional qualification in diplomacy or Protocol;

- Ability to speak other foreign languages e.g. French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Mandarin.

Opportunity Details

Job Location Dubai, UAE
Employment Status Full time
Opportunity Information Job Openings
Number of Vacancies 1

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