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Senior Accountant Cash Transactions

Dubai, UAE Posted 2018/12/11 17:06:08 Expires 2019-02-09 Ref: JB3862829

Department Definition

The Finance Department manages all the financial aspects of Expo2020. The department functions include planning, organizing, auditing, accounting for and controlling finances, as well as reporting and producing financial statements.

Opportunity Responsibilities

The purpose of the Senior Accountant Cash Transactions is to check the invoices and approve the payment
Senior Accountant Cash Transactions will be responsible of the Cash Safe box and responsible to reimburse the amount as per the policy

Main responsibilities for this role include:

- Validating all the invoices by insuring that all the previous steps for booking the invoice done correctly; 

- Ensure that all Invoices are approved and attached with the proof of delivery;

- Post the payment in SAP Cash Journal;

- Approve the cash payment for the Senior Accountant Cash Transactions;

- At the end of every business day the Senior Accountant Cash Transactions should approve the closing of the cash journal, count the cash, verify it and sign it as per the policy;

- Once reaching 50% of Cash balance a reimbursement cheque should be requested by the Cash office;

- The Accountant Cash Transactions should go to the bank to Cash the cheque (1 or 2 times per week) under the Senior Accountant Cash Transactions supervision;

- Respond proactively to all queries/calls from employees and Suppliers regarding the invoices payment;

- Prepare month end schedules before the AP Closing and ensure that all the ready invoices are booked before the deadline;

- Other ad hock tasks and reports will be required from the Senior Accountant Cash Transactions;


5+ years of experience in an accounting role as well as:

- A Bachelor’s Degree holder in a financial or accounting discipline;

- Proven experience with procurement and accounts payable process;

- Strong communication skills;

- Advanced user of Microsoft Excel & Word;

Opportunity Details

Job Location Dubai, UAE
Employment Status Full time
Opportunity Information Job Openings
Number of Vacancies 1

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