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Senior Manager - Director General Office

Dubai, UAE Posted 2019/01/13 10:04:44 Expires 2019-04-19 Ref: JB3870808

Department Definition

The Director General’s Office supports the mandate of the Director General, fulfilling all Office portfolios as well as supporting departments that report directly to the Director General.

Opportunity Responsibilities

The Senior Manager will support the Chief of Staff in the delivery of her mandate.

Main responsibilities of the role include:

- Design and implement effective practices to enhance the daily operations of the Director General’s Office, aligning schedules with priorities, preparing for meetings, conducting necessary follow-up, managing internal and external stakeholders etc;

- Manage DGO internal tools such as templates, processes, procedures, risks management etc;

- Support the design and delivery of the Commissioner General’s Office, working with a range of internal and external stakeholders;

- Write first drafts of proposals, emails, letters etc;

- Take notes during the meetings that the principal / Chief of Staff attends and ensure the meeting action items are acted upon;

- Draft presentations, prepare analysis and synthesis of content, data visualization (graphs / tables), deliver insights and produce reports where requested;

- Attend meetings and calls on behalf of the Chief of Staff if she cannot attend;

- Support the Chief of Staff as the principal’s communication arm with other executives in the organisation, or major stakeholders.


- 8 years or more of experience in research and/or programme management (preferably in the international relations context);

- Degree & Masters qualification;

- Structured thinking: identifies gaps and overlapping elements; structure programmes/ideas/initiatives from scratch;

- Implementation: develops robust implementation plan for programmes/ideas/initiatives;

- Research: quickly identifies the right data sources; picks up relevant information, and synthesize complex and confounding information into simple insights;

- Reporting: produces succinct reports in PowerPoint and Word, including data visualizations; applies editing, proof-reading and finds relevant imagery;

- Analytics: uses quantitative and qualitative methods, structures Excel file, cleans data, and produces reports. Comfortable with basic data operations (e.g. Pivot tables, data visualization and formatting);

- Presentation and composure: comfortable presenting in front of high level delegations and deliver work in fast-paced team environment.

Opportunity Details

Job Location Dubai, UAE
Employment Status Full time
Opportunity Information Job Openings
Number of Vacancies 1

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